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Extract from Angelo Po web site

Angelo Po has been providing design, production and service for the catering sector worldwide for eighty years. The high technology content and exceptional quality standards of its range of cooking, storage, preparation and washing appliances means that today Angelo Po is one of the leading firms in the industrial sector serving the professional caterer.
Over the years, the commercial success achieved by our brand has permitted not only the development of the historic Carpi (Modena) headquarters but also the growth of the other two production facilities at Ascoli Piceno and Borgoricco (Padova).
Our three production plants have a total of 56,000 square metres under cover, and they employ more than 400 people to design, test, produce, service and sell our 16 product ranges.
Worldwide, this industrial force is backed up by a full sales and service network, made up of hundreds of professionals, who meet the needs of every segment of clientele every day.
From the design of the individual appliance down to after-sales service for the product on site, Angelo Po is the ideal partner for caterers the world over .

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